Hi! I'm Rebekah!

My passion for the home began when I was child. I always loved the scents and sounds seasons changing. A fresh set of neatly, ironed bedding or a steaming hot pot of seafood gumbo from my paternal grandmother, Willie Jean’s kitchen, always made everything better. 

Family and Faith has became an integral part of who I am today. My maternal grandmother, Gloria Ellen, made sure that I was grounded in Christian values. The life lessons and prayers are what I cling to on my everyday journey. She was taught those same values by her grandmother, Ridgeno, whom was known as the “Madame CJ Walker of New Orleans. Ridgeno, being a woman of color and a self-made entrepreneur in the 1940’s, She created and distributed her own line of hair growth products throughout the Southeast of Louisiana. As a result, I’ve inherited the same entrepreneurial spirit.

I realized that I wanted more from life and for my life, so I started documenting my various travels. Once, I began posting my pictures and videos on social media, I discovered that most of my followers were really interested in where I was eating and drinking. Being a self-proclaimed, Foodie and Avid Traveler. I’m constantly looking for new places to eat and drink. I love documenting those moments with my friends. After all, memories and the love shared are what lasts forever. 

Follow me on this journey as we explore food, fun, and family.